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Journals from France, Angers

2010-10-21 The first week in Angers

The first we week in Angers is quite busy, for a great many things we need to be done. My friend Shanyun and I, we arrived in France a week in advance, and we spent our first 5 days in Paris. As tourists, we visited the Champs-Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, national gardens, fantastic cathedrals with beautifully decorated walls, and museums. However, we didn't enter the museums for at that time, we didn't have the student card. With your student ID, you can visit all these world wide known places in half price. By the way, the first weekend of every month, you can go into museums for free. In addition, Angers is quite close to Paris, just one hour by train, which I feel so glad indeed. Though I want to stay in Paris forever, we left for Angers on Sep 2nd. It is very convenient to take a train,and just don't forget to punch your train ticket by a small machine which is usually in front of the train. As soon as we arrived in the train station in Angers, I found my host family. During the way back to the house, my host mom tried to explain something to me; however, I was too nervous to understand any word. This is the first problem I met in France, for everyone speaks so fast, which is a such different feeling when I was in the french class in America. Moreover, the next day, we had the big placement test, I mean, the truthfully big test! The placement test includes everything, writing, listening, grammar, and reading with more than 100 questions, and it was last 2 hours long... I have never had such a long french test before, therefore, I was getting impatient so fast. After this exhausted test, I went to a cafe with my friends to clam down. We spent the whole afternoon there, talking, drinking and having the delicious desserts and learnt to enjoying doing nothing as a french. Then we got the result the next day, and we immediately started the class. The class schedule is quite full, normally, we commence the class at 9 every morning, and finish at 5 in the afternoon. Simultaneously, all students, we have dinner together in the restaurant on campus, and it is my favorite part of the day. We talk a lot, and I make many new friends. During the first week, I have my bus ticket done, for I leave a little bit far from the CIDEF. Meanwhile, I got a discount card which is used to buy cheaper train tickets in the train station, which is called "The 12-25 carte", and I received my student ID. The first week went by fast, and so far, I enjoyed here a lot.

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