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Journals from Fall 2010, University of Nottingham, England

2010-11-01 From Kauai to Maui to Calgary to Heathrow to Nottingham


15 September 2010


We only arrived in England yesterday morning, but it seems so very far from the past weekend at Linfield.  I had left my parents a week ago to spend more time with my sister and friends at Linfield, and while at the time I was horrified at my choice to leave my family earlier than necessary, the time with friends was fantastic.  It was great to see what will be awaiting me in four short months.

Flying.  I will always hate flying, I think.  Or any general, long-term transportation.  Packing is awful in my mind, and due to the extremist procrastination schedule I hold myself to, it’s way more stressful than necessary.  I packed four times this trip, and still am not happy with the result.  I had a lot of help, which is recommended.   Flying itself went okay; what can be expected: lines, bad food, body aches.  Something that was great to note: our longer flight (9 hours) had personal TV screens on which you could watch a variety of movies or TV shows.  Although less sleep was had, it was nice to get a bit of free movie watching in.

Nottingham.  I still don’t think it’s really hit me yet.  It’s been great so far, some information sessions that were short and concise, for the most part, by good speakers with fantastic accents.  We walked down to the town of Beeston, which was nifty.  Got our phones figured out (thank you Danyelle!), ate a bit (oily-est egg I’ve ever seen in my life, but mushrooms were awesome), stopped in Boots (it looks so clean!), sat awkwardly in a pub/bar/place of alcohol-only, and then proceeded to miss the next two information sessions (which worked out well, and I didn’t freak out about it like I thought I would).  Normally, I’m the first person in line at information sessions, and the one haranguing others for being late or missing it.  But perhaps I’m already becoming a new person in this new country. 

The time for registering for modules inches ever closer, which I’m pretty sure terrifies all of us.

I think there are about a thousand other little things I want to say, like how the immigration officer was very unpleasant about the fact that ONE of my pieces of paper says I’m Japanese, when it should say I’m American, or how it takes forever to text on a normal phone, or even how I laughed so hard I almost rolled down the giant hill (named, rather appropriately now that I think about it, the Downs), but it’s nearly 11 and my bed is actually quite comfy, especially when breakfast begins at 8.  And anyways, I just did.

17 September 2010

Sometimes, it really does help to take a walk.  Last night was the International Students club night, which was fun, intense, and revealing in many ways.  But like this week, it was just another big thing to go to that involved confusing prep and unexpected results.  Good fun, an even better adventure, but definitely adding to the overwhelming nature of this week.

I didn’t think I’d want to be alone, and I’ve honestly never felt that being in my room by myself was lonely before.  I never would have survived Jan-term if I did.  But I guess this room hasn’t quite become mine, hasn’t become the sanctuary my previous two dorms were.  It is, after all, only a temporary room, as we will be moved to our permanent housing at the end of the week.  And even though walking hurts and it’s cold and you have no idea where you are or how to get to point B, it actually does make you feel better.  At least it did for me.

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