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Journals from France, Angers

2010-10-23 Angers in November

After a few days break, a new semester starts on November 4th. In other words, the intense language course in September is a individual program which works for everyone who cherishes the desire to learn French; but in November, all the regular students are back, and technically from now, we enter the fall semester in CIDEF. Since we had the placement test at the beginning of September, we were not required to take the other one in November. Instead of a test, we were re-assigned to a different class based on the grade we got in September. Then we begin our first day with a new class, new classmates, a new schedule and a new professor with a new learning attitude. I strongly recognized this will be my last two and a half months in France, and I should devote all my efforts to treasure it.

           This is how the fall semester works. First of all, during the first week, you can go to all the classes shown on your schedule, once or twice this week, and it totally depends on you. Afterwards, you choose the course which you may be interested in, as well as the one which your major or minor may demand in Linfield, and then you establish your own schedule of 21 hours per week. Since I will complete my exchange in December, the last week  for my finals is from December 13th to 17th.  Additionally, students who will leave in January will have several days' Christmas break before another one-month term in January. I feel much better about November being looser than September, for there is more liberty to hang out with friends, stroll along  the petit street, be lazy in a cafe, chew French bread in a park or spend the whole afternoon in the library reading in another language. On weekends, CIDEF still holds lots of activities for students, which are worth taking part in. I have taken several trips with my friends in Europe, and it is unbelievably convenient and interesting, and I will talk about it next time.

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