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2010-10-18 Monteverde, Arenal, y el Caribe!

The past two weeks have been full of amazing fieldtrips! First we stopped at Volcano Arenal. In our favor, the weather was beautiful and we could see the top of the volcano, which is covered by clouds about 50% of the time. We had the opportunity to stay in a fabulous resort with hot tubs heated from the volcano. Throughout the day we could hear the explosions but unfortunately we didn't see any lava at night.

Next, we made our way on the long bus ride to Monteverde, a beautiful protected area also known as the 'cloud forest.' We hiked through a reserve and ended at the continental divide landmark. To the east we could see the Atlantic coast and to the west we could see the Pacific. It was an incredible view.

We had three days to rest, and then we were off to the Caribbean! We made a few stops to Siquirres, Simarones, Cahuita, Limón, and a sloth reserve, and ended in Puerto Viejo. We learned about the development of the railroad and its influence on the Atlantic side of the country. On our way back, we stopped in Limón to see the annual carnival that turned out to be not at all what we expected. There was not much of a parade, as there has been in the past. Regardless, we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and some of us plan on going back to the Caribbean for Thanksgiving break.

We're now a month and a half into the semester and all are feeling a bit overwhelmed with class. We're learning SO much, but at times the work load is a bit heavy. We're all pushing through and only have a few more weeks and we're off to Nicaragua!

Until then,

Lily Ratliff Costa Rica 2010 Biology major, class 2012

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