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Journals from France, Angers

2010-10-10 The first month in Angers

  We finally come to the end of  the September. Personally, the first month in Angers is quite hard but highly useful. First of all, the 30-day intense class runs me out. Generally, I have at least 2 hours Langue class every day, which provides us a stage to learn various things about France. For example, in my class, we have learnt how to say different vegetable, different cuisine, different sports, or different climate in French, and then we get to know some basic French culture, like how to behave when we have a dinner or what’s the safest way to get along with French people. What’s more, after this class, we may establish a basic concept about regions of France, which means you will be aware that Bordeaux is the best place to taste grand wine, Reims is suitable to produce champagne, Saint-Tropez is widely known for its rich history and the extremely wealthy  summertime guests, you can do surfing in Biarritz or do skiing in Chamonix, or if you admire the ancient Roman architecture, visiting Nimes is your best choice instead of going to Rome. Without a doubt, the learning process is painful, but the result turns out very satisfactory. Besides Langue, Comprehension Orale, Expression Orale and Laboratoire are obligatory. Comprehension Orale and Laboratoire help you practice listening; the differece is in the class of C.O: you practise with professors, but in Lab, you face a computer. Expression Orale is my favorite, for we speak a lot during the class and enough communication offers us chance to understand and get to know each other, and it’s the best time to make friends as well.

          Simultaneously, CIDEF organised a number of activities we can take part in. On the weekend, a one day trip with CIDEF is popular. A one day trip normally departs early in the morning, and then spends the whole day in a castle, cave or on a coast, and comes back late at night and I am highly encouraged to join them. In addition, during the week, there are a variety of party nights! Of course, they are really fun but just watch out for your bus schedule. This is my first month in Angers, and I can't wait to welcome the following days!

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