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Journals from American University Center of Provence, France

2010-09-27 Third Week in Aix, a Tough One

It has got cold. My host mom said the temperature will drop down really low this week although it is still going to be nice and sunny. Luckily, we had a very nice trip to three lovely villages in the north of Provence last Saturday with the school when it was warmer. Everyone was totally in love with all the boutique streets and Provence-style houses. We got tons of pictures and exhaustion by the end of the trip.

That Sunday, all the museums were open for free. Everyone was sleeping at the point I wanted to go, so I had some time just for myself. I loved it, letting my eyes roll through all the art pieces on the wall while creating my own version of the story in my head. I guess it would be nice to share with somebody, maybe someone who does not know anything about art but loves to listen to me.

I had a small group study with friends in the afternoon as classes are so hard and stressful for this first month. I had a constant headache whenever I tried to do something with French. In addition to schoolwork, we have to do things with our host family, meet up with a language partner, join an activity or a club, and volunteer for a job at least once every week, which is nice and frustrating at the same time.

I was lucky to have a nice host family and we have lots of things to do together, so I was not worried too much about that. I also like the idea of the language partner, but the issues of time and preference make it hard for me. Nevertheless, I enjoy spending time with my language partners more than anything. I could not decide what kind of activities to join after going through so many addresses. However, I had a blast at the ballet studio. And I am looking forward to spending time with children at my volunteering job tomorrow.

But the stressful week has gone by faster than I thought. The weekend came and everything was fine again. We, the Linfield girls, went out for crêpes to celebrate our survival after our last class together on Friday. Suddenly, I realized how lucky we are to have each other. Four is a good number for a group and we have made a great one.

Mai Doan

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