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Journals from German language program; Austria

2010-09-23 Gru╬▓Gott!

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GruβGott! Since the moment we set foot on Viennese ground our stay has been incredible. The first night upon arriving to Vienna we were greeted by the Austro-American Institute staff, and had dinner next to a church while being serenaded by a local violinist. It was definitely a great way to start our abroad experience.

The next morning we took a train that took us to the small village of Dorfgastein. In Dorfgastein we met with Frau Weissgärber who warmly greeted us and took us to Pension Theresia where we stayed five days. During our stay in Dorfgastein we started our German conversation course that was taught by Professor Peter Wassertheurer. This course was to help us dust out the cobwebs after a long summer of no German classes. However, Dorfgastein was not only about learning new grammar skills but we also had time to enjoy ourselves and eat the best Dorfgastein cuisine.We went on a few trips here and there such as to Solarbad where we were able to enjoy a refreshing swim. Another day we made a hike to the Eishöhle, also known as the biggest ice cave in the world!

After many delicious meals, hikes, and our conversation course it was time to head back to Vienna and finally meeting our host families. However, before getting back to Vienna we made a quick stop to the beautiful city of Salzburg. In Salzburg we were given a tour and shown the highlights of the city. Once we were done exploring Salzburg it was time to get back on the train and head to our new homes.

Our first week consisted of tours around Vienna and ways of using the transportation systems. This past week we began our regular scheduled courses and everything is going well. The staff at the institute is very helpful and is more than welcome to help you with anything. Every day we do different activities such as visits to historical museums, view sights of the city, or enjoy a yummy cup of coffee at a local café with our conversation tutor. There is no time to waste in Vienna because, trust me, there is always something to do! 

Well that is all for now and I will keep on posting our many adventures!

Marissa Estrada

Austria 2010

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