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Journals from France, Angers

2010-09-16 New life starts in Angers!

 The first two weeks in France were full of tension, surprises, and happiness. My flight was from China to Paris; then I went to Angers by train. I flew out together  with Shanyun on Aug. 27th, and the other day, we arrived in Paris and we spent three days there. In Paris, we first took some time to look around, to see the charming life in France. Parisians wake up at 9 in the morning, and then have breakfast at a sidewalk café. At noon, people may take a rest in a park, relaxing on an old bench or lying on the grass for hours. Around 8 in the evening, here comes my favorite part: eating out. As everyone knows, French are very proud of their cuisine, and eating is one of the indispensable joys of life. There are hundreds of kinds of cheese, bread, and wine, which I have never seen before. However, this time we did not concentrate on those worldwide famous museums and monuments, for we had not got the student ID in France at that time, and student ID means half-price tickets. Time passed by unbelievably fast in Paris. We left for Angers on Sep.1st. After one hour by train, we arrived! My host mom picked me up at the train station. At that time, I was too nervous to understand any French word she spoke, which was a fun experience. The second day, Sep. 2nd, we took the placement test. To be honest, the test was a nightmare to me, since it was made up of 3 parts, listening, reading, and multiple-choice, totaling 120 questions, and I lost my patience quickly during the test. Next morning, we were placed in different classes based on the test. The class schedule is pretty full every day. Normally, I start at 9 in the morning, and finish the course at 5 in the afternoon, which is indeed exhausting. But instead of complaining, I’d better learn to enjoy this busy life, for I totally understand it may be the only chance in my entire life when I am able to spend 4 months in the centre of Europe to study.

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