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Journals from Costa Rica

2010-08-30 The first three days

We made it! After a day of switching flights, we all safely arrived in San Ramn and were passed off to our families. We arrived in the middle of festivities for the festival of San Ramn where there are various activities every day for two weeks to celebrate the town's traditions, history, and music. The first day we had orientation with the program director, Doa Mayra, and learned a bit about the culture of Costa Rica. In the afternoon we headed to the plaza and watched the parade of traditional Costa Rican ox carts. They were each painted differently with bright colors and creative designs. Today we got a tour of San Ramn from Doa's assistant and learned where to eat, buy clothes and shoes, go to the book store, go to the pharmacy etc. We are all adjusting to our new lives, practicing Spanish, and eating new (delicious) foods. We start classes on Wednesday and I think we are all ready to get back in the routine, even if all of our classes are in Spanish! Our first field trip is this weekend to a forest reserve in San Ramn. Hasta luego! And as they say 'Pura vida! Fun fact: Costa Ricans eat a very big lunch then a light dinner. The boys from the ages of about 12 to 20 love the gelled fohawk styled hair.

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