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Journals from New Zealand (University of Waikato)

2010-08-20 It's Time For a Break!

Its the end of August and I believe fall semester is starting soon at Linfield. Here in New Zealand, winter is just ending, and spring is approaching. What do all students look forward to in spring? Spring Break! They have a more technical term for it here; they call it a teaching recess, but its basically the same thing. We've been in school for about six weeks now, and our long awaited "teaching recess" has finally arrived! The term "teaching recess" is a bit of an oxymoron; how do you teach during recess? Unfortunately, my professors have found a way. We don't have lectures and tutorials for two weeks, but the work doesn't stop. I have an exam and two papers due right after the break, but I'd be lying if I said I'd be doing much studying over the next two weeks. I plan on soaking up as much of New Zealand and I can over the next 16 days and it looks promising! Tomorrow morning, Logan and I, and a few of our friends, will be heading up to Auckland for a couple days to spend some time with some friends who are studying at the uni there. Well be completing our tour of the city that we started back when we first got here--should be really fun! Id have to disagree with the saying that Rotorua is the Vegas of New Zealand. After visiting both cities, Auckland has more people, and the nightlife is definitely something worth experiencing! Sounds a bit like Vegas to me! After spending a few days in Auckland, we'll be heading down to the South Island for some real adventure-ing! I've never been on a road trip, but I've always wanted to. What better place to do it than in New Zealand? We're going to rent a campervan and travel around most of the South Island. Trying to find our way around will be an adventure in itself. We did the typical "tourist move" and googled the Top 101 Things to Do in South Island, and mapped out our trip accordingly. Well meet some friends while were there and try to conquer as much of the island as we can in 12 days. I'm so excited! I've heard that it's absolutely amazing down there and I believe it. Everywhere in New Zealand is amazing! It's different, yet something always reminds me of back home in Hawaii. It's always good to be reminded of home. However, I am surprised at the number of sheep (or actually, the lack of sheep) that I've come across while travelling around the North Island. I actually thought I'd come to find sheep EVERYWHERE. Well, I guess they are everywhere, sort of, but I expected a lot more. I've heard I'll get my fair share of them in South Island, so we'll see. In between studying and socializing, I've been travelling a lot since I arrived. New Zealand is so much more than I expected, and I can't believe we're halfway through the semester. It'd be nice if I possessed the powers to slow down time, but I guess it's natural to always want more of a good thing! Well, Im all packed and ready to go. Hopefully, my first road trip will be a success! Either way, Im sure Ill have lots of stories. Kailee

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