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Journals from Rikkyo University, Japan

2010-07-12 Finals

Well, with the end of finals in sight, it means that it is also getting closer and closer until the time when I will return back to America after a year abroad in Tokyo. Words cannot express how happy I am to be almost done with school. However, with the end of school also comes the end of my study abroad in Japan. Luckily, I have a couple weeks after finals are done to do some final traveling, shopping, and meeting up with friends. I am particularly excited for this weekend that is coming up. It can only be described in one word: EPIC. I will be climbing Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, with some of my other international friends. We are going to be climbing all night long, so that we can see the sunrise. I hope that we are able to see it! Then the next day, there is the Going-Away Party that IFL is hosting, so that should be really fun and sad at the same time, since it will probably be the last time that I see some of my Japanese friends. Then the next day, I will be going to the beach with some friends! I have not been to the beach once since I have been here, so now is the best time to go! I thought that I would be going more often because I had the mentality that since Japan is an island country, it would be easy to get to the beach. However, since I am currently in Tokyo, it does take some time and money to get there. But I am really excited to go. I am just really excited for this entire weekend! After the end of the to-be epic weekend, I am going to be meeting some of my friends that studied abroad at Linfield last semester whom I have not seen since I was at Linfield. It will be really nice seeing old friends. It is going to be a stressful last couple of months here since there are so many things to do and people to see. It really makes me not want to go back at all. I should also explain my picture, since I do not think that the box is big enough. Yesterday, I went to Harajuku and met up with Ami and Dan John, and I also met two students from SJS, Tim and Ian. After we went to a cafe for lunch, we decided to take purikura, which are pictures taken in a photo booth that you can edit. This is one of the pictures that we took. It was a lot of fun, and I am really glad that I got to see Ami and Dan again before I left, and I am equally as happy that I made two new friends! Tiffany Ross

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