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2010-05-25 Getting right down to the end...

Hi everyone, Unfortunately, things are wrapping up here. We are all finished with our finals and some of the Linfield crew have already headed home to start their summer jobs. It has been fairly quiet around the apartments with so many people already gone. Even for those of us not leaving early, there are less than two weeks left until we fly out of Shannon and back to Portland, Icelandic volcano permitting. The good news is that still gives us a little more time to travel while we are here. Ian, Brooke, Conor and Katie S. are all traveling elsewhere in Europe, with the latter two planning on continuing their travels after the rest of us fly home on the 1st of June. Dayna and Lauren F. spent a few days on the Dingle Peninsula and did the same bike ride around Slea Head that I wrote about a couple months ago. I spent last weekend visiting the Rock of Cashel, the traditional seat of the ancient kings of Munster and the site where St. Patrick converted one of those kings in the 5th century, and then staying in Cork with a friend who just spent six weeks working on farms in southern France. Katie O. and I are planning on heading to Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom and not to be confused with the northern region of the Republic of Ireland) tomorrow to visit the Giants Causeway and Derry. Then we will slowly work our way back here, hopefully getting to spend plenty of time exploring County Donegal and Glenveagh National Park. Cheers, Cameron Fun facts o the day: 1. When St. Patrick baptized Aengus, King of Munster, he accidentally struck the point of his crozier (staff) through the kings foot and, not noticing what he had done, left it there through the remainder of the ceremony. The king, a recent convert to Christianity, suffered without complaint, as he assumed the pain was part of the ritual. 2. If you are raised in Ireland this is how you will sound when you count to three: One, two, tree. You will also say you are going to the teater rather than the theater, though you will spell it theatre.

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