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Journals from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

2010-04-30 The First Month

It has been one month now since I have come to Japan. That simply amazes me! One one hand, I still feel like I've only been here for a week or two. Everything is still so new, and I frequently just look at the sky and think about how immensely lucky I am to be having this experience. I get the feeling that this sense of awe will never go away. On the other hand, Is it really possible that I've only known my friends here for one month? After the first week, it felt like we'd known each other for our whole lives. We talk, tease each other, play games, study... It just feels like we're childhood friends. The other big feeling that this one month mark brings me, is relief. I came to Aoyama, intending to stay for one semester. Within the first week, I knew that I needed more time here. Extending my stay was a surprisingly easy process, and I was surprised at fully people supported this decision. At first I was scared that people would be mad at me, or simply say 'NO'. Linfields, OSU, and AGU were all completely behind me, and even encouraging. I can not begin to express how it felt to know that I would be here for an entire year. Daily life in Shibuya is an continuous string of adventures. Unlike many of the other students, I have not gone drinking or clubbing. While I do not object to those, I prefer to spend my time exploring! I spend hours and hours walking through Japan: taking back roads, making mental notes of interesting things, people watching, and taking pictures. Every day I talk to new people, and go new places. There's never a reason not to smile! I think that's all the time I have for writing right now! But I'll update again soon! Chloe Wandler


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