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2010-04-27 Home Stretch

4/27/10 Home Stretch I have exactly one month left in my course here in Oslo and it is crazy how fast time has flown. The 20 credit students are leaving this week and some next week, so that is sad, but I met a lot of great people that I will stay in contact with. I finally figured out what my topic is for my final big paper. I chose to incorporate multicultural communication in general then take a more specific look at sex education in Europe and Norway. I will then compare what I find in Europe and Norway to the United States as well as my past experiences in sex education classes. Its a bit complicated, but I think I am making it work. I chose to look at sex education in Europe and Norway because I am a health major who wants to get another view of teaching sex education. It has been very informative researching my topic and writing my paper thus far. My main focus is to get my paper done before the 7th of May, because thats when I will go to Ireland for a week. I am visiting Peter Hughes, a Linfield alum who was there during the 2005-2006 school year when I was a freshman. We became good friends and stayed in touch since he left. Peter visited me in Oslo for three days over a weekend in April. So I am looking forward to visiting him and seeing Ireland as well. This is extra motivation for me to get my paper done. After I get back I have a presentation on field work that I did and then an oral exam. Other than that I am just enjoying life and the company of my fellow international students. Brian Leith

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