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Journals from Oslo Norway

2010-04-17 Spring Ttime

4/17/2010 Spring Time The weather is changing in Oslo: the sun is starting to shine and bring smiles to people's faces. It is still cold, around 10-12 C, but with time I will be ready to wear shorts and a tee-shirt. I am currently working on writing my final paper that isnt due until the 10th of May, but I just want write it as soon as possible. This past weekend I was in Copenhagen, Denmark on a trip that was sponsored by our school as well as a sister school to bring more international students together. The weather was great as well as sunny, but very windy. Copenhagen has a lot of cool-looking architectural buildings that stand out when you are walking around the city, which makes it even more beautiful. I just got back from going to Stavanger, Norway this morning. I went with some friends to climb the Pulpit Rock, which has the most amazing views of fjords and is declared to be the finest unspoiled travel destination in the world. The walk was taxing on your body because there were lots of rocks everywhere and different elevation grades. That took most of our day, but it was well worth it because my friends and I left Thursday night, walked up the rock all day Friday, and then took the Friday night train back to Oslo. Pretty exhausting, but my body needed a challenge like that because I havent been working out that much here. I am looking forward to the warmer weather to just enjoying the time I have left with my classmates and friends who will be leaving at the end of this month. Brian Leith

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