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Journals from Oaxaca

2010-03-28 Total Hours on Buses: 58 hours

Adventures never turn out how you think they're going to, and my spring break trip to the Yucatan peninsula was certainly proof. But for better or worse, we always grow. Here are a couple lists of the good and the not so good. The bad (first, so we can get it over with) - Missing the equinox shadow at Chichen Itza due to rain. - The worst sunburn of my life - 25-hour bus ride (and at least 17 hours of waiting in bus stations besides) with said sunburn - Squabbles - Ants in beds and all over the walls at our second hostel - My duffle bag ripping halfway through the trip - Coming home after excruciatingly painful bus ride to find that my shampoo had exploded all over the contents of my bag. Buuuuut, it wasn't all bad, no no! And the good definitely outweighed the bad. The good - Documenting New Agers at Chichen Itza - Feeling like the only ones at Uxmal, and eating PB&Js there - Standing in the middle of the Nunnery Quadrangle at Uxmal - Navigating the Mexican bus system like pros - Having the best time in our first hostel in Merida (balcony, free breakfast, travelers from all over the world, it was amazing!) - Insisting on speaking Spanish in the touristy parts of Playa del Carmen - Playing in the waves in Playa del Carmen - The sea breeze at Tulum - A lovely birthday dinner- we had been waiting for about 6 hours in the bus station, and we had to lug all our stuff to the restaurant. I'm glad they put up with all our stuff and our Spanish speaking, so worth it! - Having the confidence to make decisions, make plans, ask questions, and check facts in Spanish. - Feeling ready to conquer anything Even though there were a lot of hard times along the way, I'm so glad that we decided to make the long trek to the Yucatan. I feel more independent now than ever before. I've now been to at least 8 Mexican states (it's hard to tell because of how often I fall asleep on the bus), and will be adding another in a few weeks on our group trip to Chiapas. For now, I'm happy to be back home in Oaxaca. This coming week is Semana Santa, and there are going to be celebrations all week long (parades, crucification's going to be crazy!). I can hardly believe that we're halfway through the semester! As always, check for photo updates on my tumblr:

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