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Journals from Galapagos, Ecuador

2010-03-28 Spring Break

Well, two weeks ago GAIAS decided to give us our second week-long vacation in the past month (as though we weren't already on a four-month-long one as it is). It coincided, more or less, with spring breaks all over the States, so families have been trickling in and out of the school for the past few weeks now, visiting with their students and island hopping. Their presence has livened up the island for us a bit, because although the various haunts have become somewhat stale for us, they are a completely new experience for our relatives, so we're getting to experience San Cristobal again with fresh eyes. It probably couldn't have come at a better time, as I and others have been feeling stir-crazy for a little while - there's only so much you can do on an island of 5000 people, you know? I anticipate that feeling to be driven off on its own in about a week, since we will be going out for our own island-hopping cruise come April 5, and adventuring in new places once again. That's one thing I didn't expect when I entered this program - I thought I would need to supply money for and organize all of my own excursions, but so far, GAIAS has taken me to nearly every place I could ever want to go around here - Kicker Rock, Puerto Chino, The Galapaguera, El Junco. It's all already been covered by the tuition. Now this cruise and the trips to the other islands is all covered as well. We'll be touring the Charles Darwin Center on Santa Cruz, visiting Floreana, going to Isabela, visiting the tortoise center there and hiking through the highlands, and we won't be returning to San Cristobal until the 18th. It should also be nice being on a boat for a while as March has brought with it new heights to the temperature and humidity on the island, and it might be a bit nicer on the water. Another reason for my cabin-fever, actually - to my chagrin I find myself hunkering down indoors during the hottest parts of the day, instead of enjoying the beaches and trails around here as I feel I should. But really, the choice most days feels like stay inside or melt. I was expecting it to be rainier this time of year, and in fact it should be - it's an El Nio year, but for whatever reason, El Nio seems to have shifted up closer to Central America, so the Islands have remained largely dry and sunny. I'd like to know how that is going to end up affecting the flora and fauna around here in years to come. I don't know how much more I can talk about the weather or my lack of activity around here, so I'll leave off for now and check back in after the cruise, when I'm sure to have new stories for you. Until then!

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