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Journals from Oslo Norway

2010-03-24 Traveling

3/24/10 Traveling I traveled to Bergen, Norway this past weekend and it reminded me of McMinnville because it was cloudy and raining. Bergen is a very nice town close to 400,000 people and lots to see. I was only there for the weekend so I couldnt see a lot of the tourist attractions, but got to walk around a lot taking a lot of pictures. I got a chance go on a gondola ride to a Mountain View point with a restaurant, caf, and tourist shop. It was beautiful--you could see all of Bergen and there were trails for people to either hike or cross-country ski. My friends and I went on a hike up to the caf, which was a good 3.3 miles uphill, mostly in snow. I was not wearing my warm waterproof boots, so my feet got wet, but it was a good hike. It took a lot longer to get up to the caf because we wanted to follow the map correctly without getting lost. The way down was really fast and the gift shop had a lot of cool items that I wanted to buy, but I only got a couple of things. I took the night train back to Oslo Sunday night getting in at 6:30am in the morning and had class at 8:30. Sleeping on a train is hard to do, but I got some sleep and enjoyed the trip. Easter Break starts this Friday, which is the equivalent to Spring Break in the U.S. I have plans to visit Stockholm, Sweden and then I am off to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am doing this by myself because most of my friends already made plans or were just staying in Oslo with visitors. So going by myself will be a new challenge and I will probably have to ask for help a lot because my navigation skills on a map are not good. I will grow a lot from this as well because staying in a hostel will be different and new. I get back on the 1st of April because my friend Peter Hughes, a Linfield alum who was an international student when I was a freshman, is visiting me on the 2nd from Ireland for the weekend. I am going to be very busy this next week, but I am looking forward to it. Brian Leith

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