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2010-03-21 Springtime in Sevilla

Saludos! Our spring semester at CC-CS began in February, as I mentioned a few blog posts ago, but the actual classes for the duration of the semester began after the Intensive Period, at the beginning of March. I am currently taking two classes at CC-CS and two in the University of Sevilla. All of us who are from Linfield are taking classes in both places. My classes at CC-CS are really interesting! I am taking one on Spanish Literature and another on the History of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Spain. It is amazing to be able to study the history and literature of a country when you are actually in that country. Everything takes on a different meaning because you know the places that you read about. I also really appreciate the style of teaching at CC-CS. It is similar to Linfield in that the classes are small and the professors really encourage student input and discussions, which is the best way for me to learn a subject. Sevilla is as beautiful as ever, especially now that the sun has come back out and the temperatures are finally rising. The blossoms have appeared on the trees, and I am so excited that Spring is finally here! In January and February it began to rain a lot, which is something that has not happened for 50-plus years here in Sevilla. It has unfortunately caused a lot of flooding in the small towns that are closer to sea level. We in Oregon are used to so much rain, but here in Andalusia they are used to very dry seasons where they need more water normally, so their water and drainage systems are not used to so much rain and it causes a lot of damage. The weather here has been un poco loco (a little crazy), as they say. Overall this semester has a very different feel than the previous one. I think that all of us are quite used to living in Spain now and to interacting with people in Spanish. Last semester I spent a lot of time in CC-CS, studying or hanging out with friends from there. Although I still practiced a lot in Spanish then, this semester I spend most of my free time with the Spanish friends I have made, so I get to practice Spanish with native speakers a lot more and have the opportunity to build some good friendships with Spanish students. I know that for all of us Linfield students here it has been an amazing experience so far, and I know that it will be hard for us to leave when the time comes. But we still have two more months left, and I am definitely going to take advantage of the time that remains. I hope all is well in Oregon! Adios! Sierra Stopper

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