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2010-03-12 Classes are almost over?!

Well, this is hard to believe. We are nearly done with the lectures for our classes already! We have two more weeks of lectures and then our Easter break starts. When we get back we have a study week and then a one-month period for finals. Some of the other Linfield students that came with me will not have any final exams since their classes are examined by essay only. I will have three finals during that month, including one in Quantum Physics which I am a little worried about. I have only had two homework assignments in that class thus far so I do not have a good idea of what the final may be like. It has been very nice to have so little school work during the last two months but it certainly does cause the stress to build up at the end. The good news is the professors all seem approachable and willing to help so I think things will work out. I felt like getting away so I took my first trip by myself last weekend. I headed south to a tiny town called Doolin on the Burren coast. I hiked north along the coast for four or five hours on Saturday and did not see a single other human being the entire time. It was just me, the ocean, and a lot of limestone. That night I met some of the other people staying at my hostel and went out to the pubs with them in search of traditional Irish music. The next morning I said goodbye to everyone at the hostel and hiked south along the coast for another three hours to the Cliffs of Moher. Again, I was the only person out there, and it was great. At one point I crawled out on a ledge on my belly and looked 700 feet straight down at the water below me! I am planning on sticking around Galway this weekend. I have two essays to write for my English class that I need to start. When I turn those papers in I will be done with the course so it will be one less to worry about next month. I do have one big thing to look forward to, though. St. Patricks Day is this Wednesday and my roommates and I are going to Dublin! Have a great St. Pattys! Cameron Fun facts o the day: 1. Hurling: No longer just something to do when you are ill! Hurling is also the name of a traditional ball-and-stick game that has been played in Ireland for at least 2000 years. Check it out on youtube at 2. When the Guinness Brewery was first built in Dublin 250 years ago, Arthur Guinness signed a 9000-year lease on the property at a rate of 45 pounds per year. Only 8750 years to go

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