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Journals from Rikkyo University, Japan

2010-03-11 Money Talk

One of my favorite things about Japan (besides the food and the people) is how safe it is. When I am in coffee shops, or studying in the library at school, I am no longer surprised when people leave their belongings for long periods of time and come back to see that their stuff is still untouched. I have also left my stuff in public places feeling confident that when I came back, my stuff would still be right where I left it. Granted, it took a while for me to become this secure about leaving my stuff where anyone could take it. Even though Japan is incredibly safe, it is still not a good idea to get too comfortable with the idea of leaving your stuff where anyone could take it. I do not leave important things, such as money, in a place where anyone could take them since I would have no way of finding out who took them, let alone getting them back. Unfortunately, at least three of my friends have had their money stolen because they left it where people could take it. If you are coming to Japan (or plan on coming in the future), understand that in most cases, people will not steal your things. If you leave something behind, people will actually tell you that you left something behind, or they will try and find you to give it to you. However, this is not always the case, so if you do leave your stuff to use the bathroom, make sure that you do not leave really important things that people would want to take. Leave behind Japanese Culture readings, so if they take it you will have one less 20-page reading to do. Tiffany Ross

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