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Journals from Oslo Norway

2010-02-22 Growing Pain

I arrived in downtown Oslo, around lunch time at the Radissons Hotel where I get off the bus from the airport. I meet my Study Buddy an upper-class Norwegian Student who shows me around campus then takes me to my student house. As I am walking to my residence it is as if I am lost an in amusement park looking for someone or something to remind me of home, but nothing looks or smells familiar. After I put my stuff in my room my study buddy and I get some lunch at a local caf, which luckily has lasagna on the menu. Finally something I can relate to and reminds me of home even though I have only been gone 11 hours. I then forced myself to stay awake for the rest of the day. This is my first time in Europe and people always warn you about jet lag, but I couldnt prepare my mind or body for what I went through during the first week. I had orientation the very next day after I arrived and it was a blur meeting new people from all over Europe as well as getting used to the campus. I was always hungry and tired at the same time because of the time change. This was one most mentally and physically draining tests I have put my body through because I have been an athlete the majority of my life and no practice, weight lifting session, or game compared. Luckily another student from Linfield, Mike Brown was already on campus and helped me meet people as well as show me around. During my first week of classes I talked to some students who told me they were jealous of my ability to speak perfect English and I felt the same way when I found out that most of the students in my class could speak anywhere from 2-4 languages. The main problem my classmates have is using the right English tense of a word in a sentence, but other then that they all speak good English. I instantly fit in and have made a lot of friends over the past three weeks. Oslo is an amazing city and is very beautiful. The growing pains of leaving your home and coming to an unknown country has been totally worth it, but remember that everyones body is different when it comes to jetlag and being mentally strong telling yourself you can get on European time is key. Also being very busy the first week helped as well. I look forward to the rest of my time hear. Brian Leith

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