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Journals from Deakin University, Australia

2010-02-15 Back Home

So Im finally back at Linfield and its been pretty crazy. Ive been gone for so long that I almost feel like a freshman again. Ive almost forgotten where buildings are or how life goes. As similar as the academic life is to Australia, going to class and doing homework, things arent exactly the same and once again I find myself adjusting back to life in academia. It feels great to be back though, among friends and professors who know me and have been with me for years. Getting back into the groove of Linfield will certainly be a lot easier than adjusting to life in Australia. And because its my last semester it will be just as exciting. Of course I do miss Australia. Watching the Australian Open on tv was both exciting and a bit depressing. On one hand, it was really cool to see the coverage cut to the city, knowing and seeing places Id physically been to. But at the same time I missed Melbourne a lot and was really jealous of the fantastic weather. My semester abroad was an unreal experience. While I traveled all over the country and even to other nations, the culture, the education and the people I met will always stay with me. Im sure I will often think back to my time Down Under, but for now its back to Linfield and a final semester of adventure to cap everything off. - Matt

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