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Journals from Deakin University, Australia

2010-02-10 Australian University Games

I love playing sports. Australia is a fantastic country to get into sports because a lot of their culture is involved in competition. They are fanatical about sports, from Australian Rules Football to Rugby to tennis and surfing. The country is immersed in sports. So I was thrilled to be able to play in the Australian University Games for the Deakin Mens Soccer team. This is an annual tournament that attracts teams from all over Australia. 44 Universities and over 4000 athletes come together to compete in various sports such as beach volleyball, basketball, and cycling. The tournament was held in Surfers Paradise, which is part of the Gold Coast. We had a great group of guys on the team and a few internationals got involved as well. We played 9-10 games over 5 days. We flew in the weekend before with all the other Deakin athletes. The tournament was a lot of fun and all the athletes mixed together really well. We had a great time cheering on our team mates and having big team dinners. And the soccer team didnt do badly either. We got 5th place out of 22 teams in our division which is pretty impressive. I finished the tournament with 2 goals and a couple assists, which was pretty cool to score a goal in an Australian tournament. Playing in the AUGs was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

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