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Journals from NURS 298 PA Health Care in New Zealand

2010-01-25 Nurse Maude - Christchurch

Christchurch, our fourth city, located in the northern part of the South Island with a population of 490,000 is home to a rich history of people like nurse Cybil Maude, who inspired a district to focus on the health of the less fortunate. Nurse Maude was one of four health care visits in Christchurch. It is a non-government organization (NGO) focused on community health and coordination service. Cybil Maude, a principle nurse in her time, was unsatisfied with the service of health care being provided only to the wealthy. Sponsored by a wealthy family, Cybil went into the poor community on her bicycle with a wash basin in one hand and a bedpan in the other, providing health care to the needy. What started off as a charity organization soon grew into a government funded operation in the 1970s. The NGO on average records 124,000 hours of community nursing and 600,000 hours of home support. Nurse Maude facilitates a hospice and palliative care, along with a 40 bed aged care hospital, and care coordination. Nurse Maudes main office is located in Christchurch with two branches, one in Wellington and one in Hutt Valley. The determination of one woman inspired volunteers and nurses to continue the practice in community care. Having never heard of Cybil Maude or the NGO, I was surprised to hear about one womans struggles and successes of providing health care to poor communities. Her compassion toward the less fortunate and determination to provide health care to those in need really touched my heart. Coming from a wealthy family, I cant even imagine the trials and tribulations she faced traveling alone through a community that she could barely relate to. I was very inspired by her story when presented by Shelley Frost, an employee of Nurse Maude. The success of Cybil Maudes work is very overwhelming to me. Cybil Maude grew up in a wealthy environment and was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to provide health care to those who needed it the most. At this point in history, times were rough for many people and proper health care was not administered to everyone. The communitys influence on Cybil Maudes actions must have been very strong for her to provide this service. It is amazing how society can be affected by one individuals behavior. In turn, Cybil Maudes work has strongly influenced me and I hope to learn from her empowering strength and determination. I one day hope to become a successful pediatric nurse, and I hope to leave an impression on patients just like Cybil Maude has left on the people of New Zealand. Her name is fresh in the mind of many individuals we have encountered on this trip; even our previous bus driver was able to recall Nurse Maude. She is Americas Florence Nightingale. I strive to be someone of great importance to a young patient in the future, and I will forever remember the impact Cybil Maude has made on this country and on me. Tracy Maruyama

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