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Journals from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

2010-01-22 Second Semester Classes

Weve now finished 2 weeks of classes and I think that I have some pretty sweet classes this semester. Im taking translation, a grammar class, the Hispanic American Story (a literature class), German, water coloring, and mountain climbing. I think that I will improve my Spanish the most in translation, even while speaking the professor corrects every little error, which is really uncommon here. I am most excited to take mountain climbing, so far it seems like it is going to be more like hiking than climbing. And hiking is something that I really miss being able to do in the States. Here you have to pay for a guide to be safe and there also arent buses to a lot of the places, which both make it pretty expensive. I think that even though water coloring and German dont count for anything other than credits at Linfield I will hopefully be able to make more Ecuadorian friends in them. Mostly because there arent any other exchange students in either class and in water coloring we can talk to our classmates whenever we want to. Im also taking Advanced Grammar which is directed towards international students but there are 2 Ecuadorian students who have to take it for their Creative Writing major. I think the class will be really interesting because were not just learning about grammar were learning about the history of the words and thinks like why there are two words in Spanish for the English verb to be.

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