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Journals from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

2010-01-22 Add Ecuador Holidaysa title for your entry

In Quito, December is the month of holidays. First are the festivals of Quito during the first week of December. The most famous parts of it are the bull fights and the chivas. The bull fights take place in the 2 weeks before December 6th. I didnt get the chance to go, but some friends told me that it was quite an experience. The chivas are basically open double-decker buses that drive around the historic center of Quito with a band playing on the top. At night they turn into party buses though. I also went to my first soccer game in Ecuador during the festivals of Quito. It was insane the amount of passion they have for soccer here, plus noise makers and fireworks are allowed in the stadium, so the noise level goes up that much more. Christmas wasnt that exciting here. They celebrate it, but its not as big as it is in the states. I went out to lunch with my host family and went to look at nativity scenes. New Years was quite interesting here. There are so many insane traditions. Every family makes a viejo which is literally translated as the old one, but they are more like a scarecrow. You stuff old cloths with news papers, fireworks and things that went bad during the year. My host brother and I put a few exams that were really bad in it. Then at midnight you burn it. The theory is that since you burned all the bad things of the old year they wont happen in the new year. There are also lots of boys who dress up as girls and go out on the streets and beg for money. They are called viudas which translates to widows. Im not exactly sure what the significance of this is though. Also at midnight, everyone eats 12 grapes and makes a wish for each month. Lots of people also buy new yellow underwear which is supposed to bring them luck in the new year.

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