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Journals from James Cook University, Australia

2009-12-13 Sydney

It is hard to believe that my adventures Down Unda (Aussie accent) are winding down. There are countless memories of which I will never forget. My last hurrah in this country was a 5-day trip to Sydney to meet my boyfriend from home. I was hoping that the weather would be warm considering the months of summer are approaching. However, I was quite wrong. We planned to do the typical tourist things while there " Blue Mountains, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and walking the city. The first couple days were very warm and nice, a great way to start the trip. However, our day in Bondi was cold, rainy, and windy. It felt very similar to that of Oregon Coast weather. I had acclimated to tropical weather so well that I had to purchase a sweatshirt during our trip. The night spent at the Opera house was one of the most spectacular evenings I have had thus far. After purchasing some take-away dinner (smoked salmon, bread, crackers, and chocolate), we walked down to the Opera house to sit by the water. That night just happened to be the finale of Australian Idol, which took place outside of the Opera house. The night was warm, clear, and beautiful. We sat and ate our dinner, listened to live music from the singers, and stared at the amazing scenery of the lit bridge and stars. Just as we thought that the night could not get any better, fireworks began to go off. It truly was stunning. Unfortunately the rest of the Sydney trip was not as amazing as it could have been. I got food poisoning on our last day, which meant that we couldnt go to the Blue Mountains, the one place that I was really looking forward to visiting. I guess that just means that another trip is in order.

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