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Journals from Costa Rica 2009

2009-12-11 Can't believe it

We finished our classes yesterday and had our farewell lunch with all of our professors. Now we have the weekend to say goodbyes and go to the beach for one last time before we head back to the US on Monday! I really cant believe that this semester is already over. It went by so fast. There are definitely lots of mixed feelings right now. I am relieved to be done with all my finals projects and tests, but I am sad to say goodbye to all my professors. I really feel like I have learned and accomplished so much this semester, and all the professors were so great. After spending so much time together during the field trips, riding in the bus for hours, eating meals on the road together, and countless hours in the classroom, its going to be hard never seeing them again. I am really anxious to go home to see my family and all my friends that I have missed so much, but I am also sad to leave all the people here in Costa Rica. Not only will I miss my professors, but I will miss my host family and the friends that I have made down here in San Ramn. Not to mention, it will be hard not seeing the faces of my 7 fellow Linfielder's everyday. We have spent SO much time together this semester and have shared countless unforgettable experiences. This has been such an awesome semester, and I am going to take so many things away from it. Through everything that has happened this semester, I feel like I have really learned a lot and have grown as a person. At times it was hard and I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone, but that only made me learn and grow even more. I am so thankful for this experience, and it has definitely helped shape me as a person. I wouldnt trade it for anything. Thanks for reading, Emily

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