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Journals from Costa Rica 2009

2009-12-01 Lakes and Volcanoes

We had our last and longest field trip two weeks ago. We went up to Guanacaste and then continued north to cross the Nicaraguan border. It was great to be able to explore a different Central American country and be able to compare it with Costa Rica. We have been studying Nicaragua in our history class, and during the trip we each chose a topic to compare between the two countries. Some of our chosen themes were poverty, transportation, the work force, architecture, and tourism. So for the whole week we were observing how these different aspects of Nicaragua differ from Costa Rica. With our findings we will write a paper and do a presentation to share our information with the rest of the class. Nicaragua is a country of lakes and volcanoes. Right when we entered the country, we were greeted with two huge volcanoes in the middle of a gorgeous lake. The first city we visited was Granada, which was full of beautiful architecture. We went to a national park that has an active volcano and on a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua, which contains 365 islands. We got to stop at one of the islands, eat lunch, swim, and enjoy the beautiful view of volcano Mombacho. We also went to the city of Masaya where we got to watch a performance of traditional Nicaraguan dance, and then we went to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. We had very informed guides during the trip, so we learned a significant amount about Nicaragua in a short period of time. Its quite a task to try and soak up an entire country in 5 short days. On the last day, we went to San Juan del Sur, which is a beach town. We had the day to enjoy the beach and play sand volleyball with some locals. It was a great trip overall. After learning so much about Costa Rica, it was very interesting to be able to compare everything we have learned with a different country. Emily

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