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Journals from Aug-2009 Austria Semester Abroad in Vienna

2009-11-29 Giving Some Thanks

Best beloved readers, We have less than two weeks left in Vienna. For my part, I am torn between vicious bouts of homesickness and a desire to never leave this beautiful city. There are so many things I haven't done yet. Four months was both longer and shorter than I expected. I took some time out this last week to simply wander around Nussdorf along the river, relaxing and taking pictures. There's a lot of work left to be done for our classes, but I still want my last memories of Vienna to be happy ones. Rather than try to cram everything I haven't done into the twelve remaining days, I want to revisit some of my favorite places and absorb some of their ambience to take home with me. Thanksgiving dinner was had on Friday and it was a tremendous culinary success, even if the posse and I were unable to provide entertainment for the party. The BYU students and Marcus's wife sang some lovely songs and made up for our lack of talent in that arena, so all was well. I don't know yet how I feel about my linguistic achievements. In some ways I think I'm only just now up to the level I should have been at last year; my basic grammar is finally solid and I'm less nervous about speaking than I used to be, which is perhaps the most valuable thing I've gained here. Actually, the most valuable thing I've gained is the experience as a whole. I'm several steps closer to being the Ideal-Rivka I want to be when I grow up, and that I wouldn't trade for anything. I will definitely come back to Europe with my parents after graduation and share some of the wonderful things I've seen and done. Even if I have to do it as a tourist, I'll want to see Vienna again. A few more wrapping-up posts to go, and then I'll bid you adieu. Thanks for sticking with me! Yr.Obdnt.Blogist., ~Rivka Nipper

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