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Journals from Telemark University College, Norway

2009-11-24 Only Darkness

As winter approaches Norway I have noticed one major difference from Oregons winters. That would be darkness. It is so dark here! I wake up and walk to school at around 10 in the morning and its still dark. Then it will get a little bit lighter out but around 3 in the afternoon it will be dark again. The Norwegians love to sleep and do activities indoors, which was a huge change to before. When it was nice out they were always outside doing some sport or activity in nature. But now all they want to do is stay inside and watch movies or sleep. So to keep from going insane and from sleeping so much I have really tried to get active with the gym here. Its called Gullbring and its only meters away from the school. It is very similar to a YMCA organization. But here I have joined up and started playing volleyball and basketball with other students and people of the town. It has been great by keeping active but also getting to know people outside of school and has allowed me to get to know people in the local community. They offer many other sports, exercise classes, and have a very nice swimming pool. The facility is very nice, and even has a movie theater where you get discounts if you are a member. And the Norwegians seem to really appreciate my reaching out and becoming active in the sports. By Janys Olsen

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