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Journals from Telemark University College, Norway

2009-11-24 Abroad Concerts

In the small town of Bo, there is a club called Kroa where concerts, dances, and other activities are put on for the community. Its the only place on the weekends that has anything really going on, so you could say its the hang out spot. The really cool thing about this place is that they actually get pretty famous Norwegian bands to come and perform and the tickets are not that expensive. This month they had a band named Donkeyboy come and perform. I had heard one of their songs on the radio everywhere I went. I even bought their song Ambitions on the itunes. This was the first concert that I was going to attend and it was a very good experience. The club itself is not very big, so as soon as you walked in you were basically on the stage. The music was all sung in English and the band was great. They got the fans and crowd all involved and they sounded terrific. I met so many new people because young adults from all over the area came because it was such a famous band. And a lot of the Norwegians were so happy that I was there listening to one of their bands. I felt it was a great way to reach out and bond with them. Afterwards I went home and downloaded more of their songs. I have been to Kroa before, and normally they have a DJ and people just go to dance. They also have had metal and country concerts. And with the holidays coming up they are putting on a Christmas ball and other dances for the students. You have to pay to go, but you meet so many people and it is a great way to socialize and it gives you something to do on the weekends. Janys Olsen

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