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Journals from France, Angers

2009-11-22 AFIA

Do it! When you get to Angers, theyll give you the option, eventually, to get another family other than your host one, who is unable to host a student, but still wants to do something with them. DO IT! It only costs 4 Euros and its a really good idea. Even if they only take you out for drinks or something, it gets you meeting other people and it pays itself off! I met with my AFIA family this week and they are amazing. They had me over for lunch and they fed me chicken and beets- a real French meal! Its also a good idea to meet other families because not all families are like your host family. You may or may not love your host family, or you may have an understanding but whatever it is you have with them, I guarantee its not going to be the same as with your AFIA family. You cannot stereotype an entire population on the basis of a few people. I havent had the best time in Angers, and a lot of that has to do with the people, but that doesnt mean I still shouldnt meet other people because meeting my AFIA family has turned things around for me. AFIA- woohoo! Do it! Amanda Mattern

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