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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-11-18 Ewha Fashion Show

Back in the beginning of October I was showing a few of my friends how much closer Edae (the metro area around Ewha Women's University) is than to Sinchon. The area is more pedestrian friendly, cleaner, has a metro, and most important, it takes less than half the time to get there than Sinchon. Anyways, I was showing them how to get to the grocery store there so that they would only have to lug back heavy bags for 10 minutes instead of over 20. Earlier that day I had seen signs for a fashion show, but had no idea that it would be held outside. So walking to the store we happened upon some awesome music and a professional stage with cameras and lighting where the event was being held. It was a warm night and the entire soundtrack for the show was great, so I stopped to watch the last hour of it. I have never been to one before, so was surprised to see how rail-thin the models were (yes, even Next Top Model hadn't prepared me for the real life view). Some of the outfits were outrageous! It was a nice diversion from studying, though, and an interesting opportunity to see the influences for a lot of the fashion here. Ashley Price Yonsei, Fall 2009

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