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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-11-18 Korean Folk Village

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive things to do, so when there was a flier in all the bathrooms announcing an upcoming trip to a Folk Village I quickly went to sign up. For 5,000W I got transportation to Suwon (about an hour away) and admission to a Folk Village. This place was kind of like a cross between Conner Prairie and Disneyland. Aside from its being a bit kitschy, it was really nice to be in a place where you could walk around without bumping into tons of people. The place itself was like a large open park, and I enjoyed the feeling of being in nature for a bit. There were also performances of traditional dancing, acrobatics, horseback feats, and a wedding. After the village they drove us to the National Museum back in Seoul. By this point I was kind of cultured out for the day, so was happy the stop was only for 45 minutes. We had all planned on returning to campus and then leaving for the Fireworks Festival after dinner that night, but due to Swine Flu the event was canceled. Truthfully I was pretty tired and happy for the excuse to call it an early evening. Ashley Price Yonsei, Fall 2009

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