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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-11-14 Yon-Ko Jon!

Last week was Yon-Ko Jon, the yearly friendly matches between Yonsei University and cross-town rival Korea University. It's a two day series of sporting matches that are more about cheering and camaraderie than anything. All the international students bought special Mentors Club t-shirts that were a wonderful shade of baby blue, a much lighter variation of the Yonsei color that allowed all of us to stay together more easily during the event. We met at 9am to head over to the Olympic Stadium to watch the days events (rugby and soccer). I had absolutely no idea what I was in for! We were greeted with free stuff and music so loud you could feel it vibrating in your chest. The stadium was split, half of it dominated by Yonsei blue and the other by Koreas red. No one was really watching the games, but the attention was rather focused on the cheerleaders who danced, shouted and sang the same songs over and over for hours non-stop. It is hard to describe, so Ill let some video and pictures suffice. One of my favorite memories was of jumping up and down, arms linked with everyone around me and singing I Love Yonsei. It is a pretty incredible feeling to be amongst thousands of people enjoying a day of friendship and school spirit. Later that night there was a concert on campus with student groups, famous alumni, and popular groups (4Minutes and Psy). This place sure knows how to throw a party! The main campus road was lined with tents handing out free popcorn and beer and selling snacks, and different gatherings of student groups. The most popular singer of the night was Psy, this older singer/actor who performs like he is Backstreet boy whose favorite move is jumping in place. He ended up doing three encores before the night ended and the cleaning crew came out to return the campus back to its normal shape. Ashley Price Yonsei, Fall 2009

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