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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-11-14 Reconnected and it Feels Soo Good!

After weeks of going without a phone, I have finally procured one! Here is how I was finally able to rejoin the electronically connected world: I was assigned a language partner through one of the clubs on campus, and when we set up our first meeting I asked her if she would be willing to help me sign up for a cell phone. We met up in front of the Global Lounge and walked to Sinchon for dinner, stopping at one of the umpteen Show stores along the way. What I thought would be a simple process turned into almost an hour of her translating back and forth for me as the salesman went over an infuriatingly complex contract. I will say that there are many fees and kind of hidden costs that made me rather distrustful of the process. I felt bad that our first meeting was of her helping me through this, but what a trooper! After all was said and done I got a brand new Sky phone that has beautiful features like a subway map and Korean dictionary, AND I got out of paying 34,000W worth of fees that typically went with the special deal. This was largely due to the fact that as we were going through the contract (which largely consisted of blah blah blah, now this fee+this fee) I became increasingly annoyed with the additional fees and started asking about how much the pay per use contract would cost. All the technicalities aside, it is a beautiful thing to once again be able to get in touch with people at a moment's notice. All of this for what will end up being less than $20 each month, much less than in the US. We finally did go to dinner at the nearby Tofu shop. I ordered a tofu and noodle soup which came with rice and lots of bachan (or Korean side dishes). It was nice getting to know Yeonji and Im looking forward to hanging out with her this semester. She is a junior Atmospheric Science major who spent almost a year studying in Utah, of all places. Ashley Price Yonsei, Fall 2009

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