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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-11-14 노래방-Korean For Karaoke

No trip to Korea would be complete without going to a Noraebang where you can assail the ears of your friends with anything from Disney favorites to todays latest pop song. A few weeks back I went out with some friends for the evening in Sinchon and made it to my first of the semester. There were about 8 or so of us at any point (people tend to wander in and out quite a bit), so all told we each spent about 3,000 per hour. It is funny to see what songs everyone in a group will know, especially with such a culturally eclectic one as I was out with. We had people from Sweden, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States. Themes from Aladdin, Lion King, and The Little Mermaid seemed to be universally known (and at some points in the night could be heard in 3 different languages at once). I will say the best part is watching Korean friends grab the microphone. I swear if Karaoke were a world competition they would win every time, hands down!

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