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Journals from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

2009-11-08 Short trips and Quito Life

October 9-11 " I went to Atacames, which is a beach city on the northern coast. Even though I didnt really like this beach, it was so amazing to be at a tropical beach. The beach was really crowded and pretty dirty as well. October 17th- I went to Otavalo with the Oregon program. Otavalo is a gigantic indigenous market. They have everything from jewelry to cloths to art to stuff for kitchens. They make most of the stuff themselves. Also while in Otavalo we went to a waterfall which the indigenous in the area still use for religious purposes. Also we had our first incident of Ecuadorian crime there. While we were eating lunch someone broke into our bus and stole 2 backpacks and a cell phone. When I dont travel I have been enjoying my time in Quito. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends here is going to a club where they play live salsa music. The Ecuadorians there know how to dance salsa really really well. Its kind of embarrassing when I am dancing with a guy that can move his hips better than I can. School: I have 2 history classes with the same professor who is super difficult, but an amazing professor. She really focuses on how we can connect the past with the present so the classes sometimes feel more like sociology classes. On average I have 150-200 pages of history to read between the 2 classes every week. Of course this is all in Spanish. At first I could barely understand them without reading them with my host mom, but I have gotten a lot better and faster at reading in Spanish. Enlightenment in Ecuador is probably my favorite of the 2. It's all about the knowledge in Ecuador and how the Enlightenment was different in Ecuador compared to in Europe. I just finished an essay for that class on how the Enlightenment influenced the independence of Quito. Katherine

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