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Journals from France, Angers

2009-11-07 Smoking

One of the things that I dislike about France is the smoking. Its definitely an entire culture in and of itself. People will say I have to go out for a smoke, or Want a cigarette? or even Do you have a light? And none of these things apply to us. You cant really go outside and hang out with them unless you want to be clouded in smoke too and it seems rude to refuse a cigarette but ruder if you did and then didnt smoke it with them. Then theres the whole fire thing. Do you have fire? No, I dont smoke, sorry. And then theyre like WHAT?!?! If you dont smoke, you are obviously not French. However, a nice thing about France is that everyone is pretty kind about sharing. Sharing is Caring. Everyone asks everyone for a light or for a cigarette- and with prices of cigarettes being the same as a lunch, I would be pretty stingy with my sharing, but no one has a problem with it here. Its a way to introduce yourself to someone or just to get a cig but either way, theyre totally generous. Amanda Mattern

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