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Journals from Aug-2009 Austria Semester Abroad in Vienna

2009-10-29 Gracious, is it that time already?

Best Beloved Blog Readers! Exciting times! I have here some guest writers who were kind enough to share their vacation experiences with us. From Katie Justice: In my fall break, I was luckily able to visitmy aunt, uncle, and two older cousinsin Darmstadt, Germany (about fifteen minutes outside of Frankfurt). I was with them for a total of four days and we basically just hung around and relaxed which was extremely nice and what I was looking to do on my break. It was almost like being home again in the sense that I was able to do whatever and hang out with my family. I then moved on to The Netherlands, where I visited my friend who went to Linfield for freshman year. I was there with him for about three days and then came back to Vienna to hang out with my host family and catch up on my homework before we started classes again that Monday. And From Andrea Peterson: Fall break was a great experience! I had originally planned to go to Greece for the week, but then my parents decided that they wanted to come visit. So I proceeded to plan a trip for us around Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We had a day to wander around Vienna so I could show them the big sights and then we headed to Salzburg, Austria. In Salzburg we took the Sound of Music tourwhich sounds really clichbut we enjoyed it. Next we headed to Fen, Germany to see the famous castles of Ludwig II. We only stayed for a day before heading west to visit the family of the 3 former exchange students we have hosted at our home. We spent a day with them, playing soccer and cooking a big family meal together. Next we headed to Switzerland to the Jungfrau region. We stayed in the town of Murren, which is only accessible by cable car from the valley below. This village was amazingperched on a steep alpine hillside with the Alps rising above it. We spent our days hiking and listening to the cowbells ring across the mountainsit was fantastic! We then headed back to Vienna for one more day of museums and churches. Recently a bunch of us were invited by my wonderful host mom Ingrid to her friend's vineyard and a place called Museumsdorf, which is a reconstruction of a historical village. We all hung out and got to know one of her former German students and her Russian boyfriend, and ate dinner in a wine cellar, and got free pheasant feathers. It was super awesome, and I hope we run into them again. This is our second local winery visit so far, and I can't even express how incredibly friendly and amazing the people are who run them. This weekend I am off to Munich to experience Germany and hear some new accents and see new things. I'm quite excited. We've all finished two midterms already and are preparing for the next one on Monday. November is looming just around the corner and it's really really really hard to believe that our time here is coming to an end so soon. The posse has arranged for weekend trips for almost the whole month, so it promises to be a wild ride. Hopefully there will be time for introspection and more blogging in the near future. Wish me luck! Yr.Obdnt.Blgst., ~Rivka Nipper

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