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Journals from Telemark University College, Norway

2009-10-20 Winter is coming...

The seasons are changing and the weather has taken a change. It has become very cold, and the days have become very short. We just had mid-terms which were different from those in the US. Here you either just have to write a paper or you have a little exam. Luckily I just had to write a paper and then I had "Fall Break." Instead of traveling around Norway I decided to leave for the week and see more of Europe. Most of the students had a fall break, so student housing and campus were very quiet. Most of the Norwegian students go home or travel also. While away I really missed Norway and realize it is slowly becoming my home. I feel confident and comfortable here now, so when abroad it was a little nerve-racking. I am getting nervous for the snow that is sure to come. We actually had our first day of snow. It snowed pretty hard for about five hours, but it didn't stick. I have a 30-minute walk to school and so when the snow comes it will be an adventure just getting to school. But the Norwegian students have assured me that Bo's road department is very good at clearing the roads and sidewalks. With the short days and the many hours of darkness the Norwegians love to sleep and sit in the sauna. Every student housing has its own sauna. Norwegians are very relaxed people and enjoy doing nothing when the weather changes. This was a big change from earlier, because when the weather is nice everyone is outside playing a sport or doing something active. I have noticed that I sleep more and have learned to relax a lot more. They have also started a "Coffee Hour" where Norwegians and international students go to the cafeteria and have coffee and waffles for free. It is an opportunity to mix and mingle and meet students from all over. I encourage people to go because I have met so many amazing people and it's a nice social gathering. Janys Olsen

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