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Journals from Waikato-New Zealand Fall 09

2009-10-08 Kiwi Birthday!

19th August, 2009 It was my kiwi friend Shaynes birthday on the 17th. She turned 19, which was a little weird considering all of our friends are going to be 21 this year. But we still love her and wanted to make it a great birthday for her. We had a blast. We went and bought a bunch of silly things from the Warehouse and put them all over her room. I would probably say we may have gone a little overboard, but it was so much fun! There was Noelle, Emily, Ben, Jordan, Brandon and I helping to blow up tons of balloons and decorate them with permanent marker. Then the girls folded origami stars and cranes to put all over her desk and bed. I was making them one day in my room and she really liked them, so we decided that we would make a bunch for this occasion. We also bought her a stuffed animal, which she would refer to as a teddy bear even though it is not a teddy bear at all. It is actually a tiger with a bandana around its neck, but it doesnt matter. Shayne collects stuffed animals and calls all of them teddy bears. We also found little capsule things that blow up into sponges that are in the shapes of animals and put those all over her room. In all we had a blast! She was totally surprised and loved everything. We hung signs on her doors and her room had so many balloons in it you could hardly walk into the room. To celebrate her birthday, she wanted to go to the zoo. So we did. I didnt even know Hamilton had a zoo, but a bunch of us got on the bus on Saturday and rode there. Unfortunately it was raining, but we made the best of it anyway. There were tigers and lions and giraffes and rhinos and tons of other sweet animals at the zoo. We must have spent a good two hours roaming around. And there are so many pictures of silly things. It was a little weird to see pigs in the zoo there. And outside the pen, there is a sign that says, Be careful, I bite. It looks a little out of place and we had a good laugh about it for a while. There wasnt really anything else going on except for Shanyes birthday. We must have used her birthday as an excuse for everything. If we wanted to go get junk food, we said it was ok because we were celebrating her birthday. I think over all, Shaynes birthday went on for about three days. It wasnt any different from any other birthday, but we had a blast! All smiles here! Megan

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