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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-09-17 First Day of School?

Today was supposed to be the first day of classes, but my professor didnt show up. We waited around for 30 minutes before leaving and then stopped by the UIC office to ask if the class had been canceled over all. My mentor Jae was working in there and told me that they follow the 15 minute rule here where if the prof hasnt shown by then class is canceled. Glad to see that some things are universal. Oh well, I know that Korean classes for sure start tomorrow. We went for an early lunch, or rather joined the massive 12-1pm lunch crowd that is all of campus. I had ramen from the cafeteria, which cost less than $1.50. You may be realizing a pattern in my diet-ramen for lunch and rice for dinner. I know its not incredibly healthy, but I figure the sodium for fat in the diet trade off has to equal out somewhere. Afterwards I stopped by the activities fair on main campus. I bought my Mentors Club t-shirt that I will wear to the large Yonsei-Korea University friendship games next week. We saw some amazing mascots running around and of course had to take some pictures. Some students from the Yonsei Global club asked me to help them recruit Korean members. They basically match a foreign student with a Korean one as a language partner/friend, and I was the token white girl sitting at the table to show that foreign students really can be friendly. It was funny because a lot of the members of the club remembered me from when they came to the I-House to get students there to sign up. I was just joking around with them, but apparently made quite the impression. I still feel bad when I dont remember their names (its partially that I cant pronounce them or hear one thing when it is definitely another). I am looking forward to getting to know more Korean students, though. Ashley Price Yonsei University Fall '09

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