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Journals from Yonsei University, Korea

2009-09-17 Linfield In Seoul

I finally got to know one of the coolest people who goes to Linfield, and--go figure--that wouldnt happen until I was in Seoul. Bona lives about 45 minutes from Yonsei and was kind enough to meet my friends and me to show us where some shopping places were. We each spent about a half hour panicked, trying to find the other, but miraculously did. This whole not having a cell phone thing is rather inconvenient and I cant wait to correct the problem. We went over to the Ewha Womens University stop for lunch and ate at a place called School Food. It serves the kind of snacks that kids here get, sort of like a Korean Mighty Kids Meal if you will. Mine was Tteokbokki, a sweet version of the popular spicy street food and was practically a dessert. We found Daiso, which is essentially the dollar store of Korea and then located the Grand Market grocery store at our Sinchon stop. I definitely feel a lot better now that I know where to buy those random things that at home I just would have gone to Target to get. Bona had never been on campus so she came back with us and got to see the I-House. She gave me a great way to put the distance of where the dorm is in relation to the subway station. For everyone in Mac, imagine walking from campus to Walmart and then back to Muchas. I make that walk atleast 2 or 3 times a day. Throw in the fact that there are many hills and no real flat surfaces anywhere, and you can see why I consider this now to be my Stairmaster Abroad. After campus we went back out, and on the way to the station I pointed out food places and asked her if they were safe to eat at. I did get a kick that one of them she nixed was a popular one that people have been going to a lot lately. It's popular because everything is less than $5, but I did hear today of the first case of food poisoning. You get what you pay for sometimes, I guess. It was great to be able to ask all of my random questions to someone who could understand me and wasnt offended. We headed out to a shopping district in Myug Dong where there is this HUGE Forever 21 and a random vintage place called Aland. Aland is pretty cool because it supports local artists and has a top floor that is basically like a nicely organized Goodwill. It was a crackup to see t-shirts from the US and a large section of flannel shirts. No joke--it was like 1994 Seattle threw up in there. Afterwards we went to Dongdaemun where the Number 1 National treasure is. The Seoul Jeunginjimun Gate is there, the famous one that a homeless man burned down last year. There is also a man-made river walk and just an amazing skyline. It is easy to see why this is one of her favorite places in Seoul. Ashley Price Yonsei University Fall '09

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