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Journals from France, Angers

2009-09-06 Arrival and First Week in Angers

Well, our first week in Angers has certainly been an interesting one. Nine of us flew out of PDX to Amsterdam, then from there to Paris, then eight of us continued to Angers by train. Mindy, the ninth, is going to the program in Aix, so she left us in Paris. All together, we were traveling for well over 24 hours- and it showed. I was sick for the first two days and everyone has been exhausted. Of course, it didnt help that we flew in less than a day before our tests and school started. It was go, go, go from the start and it hasnt stopped. Every day we have classes most of the day, 9-4 or 5 usually. But since this week was special, there was no time to rest in between that and dinner, as classes continued until 7, then theres the bus to take home, and finally dinner at eight. Weve also had lots of excursions. These are school- organized activities, which are really fun, but add to the feeling of there is absolutely no time to do anything. First, we went to Puy du Fou, a light and theater show all about the history of France. It was very pretty and interesting, though it was good my French mother told me to wear layers! The fireworks were especially awesome; Ive never been that close to fireworks before and some of them looked like it was raining gold stars down on us. Then, today, we got up at 5:30am to go to Mont-St.-Michel and St. Mlo. Both were very beautiful. Mont-St.-Michel is a castle and Abbey built on a rock of granite in the middle of the ocean- sooooo many stairs! And St. Mlo was bombarded and occupied by so many different countries during WW2 that by the end there was nothing left. Now, theyve rebuilt it exactly as it was before, with the same materials where possible. Thats all for now, Id like to see if theres any time left for homework and/or sleeping! Amanda Mattern

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