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2009-08-18 Adjusting to the Kiwi Lifestyle

I settled in to school and have started to adjust to the Kiwi lifestyle. At first, I noticed a lot of big differences between New Zealand and Oregon, and the University of Otago and Linfield, but now that I have been here awhile I am also starting to notice some smaller differences. Education: Otago vs. Linfield Otago has 21,000 students and 1,700 undergraduate International Students Enrollment at Linfield is 1,700 students At Otago, I see new people every day while walking to class and it is a surprise to see someone that I recognize At Linfield I know whom I am going to see as I walk to class and it is a surprise to see somebody that I do NOT recognize I was in a Greek Mythology class at Otago that had 350 students At Linfield, classes that are in Graf 101 are considered big and seat about 100 students o The average class size at Linfield is 18 At Otago, only 1 of my 3 classes has midterms At Linfield all of my classes have 1-3 midterms Final exams at Otago count for a huge percentage of my overall grade, in one of my classes the final exam is worth 70% At Linfield, participation in class almost always plays a role in overall grades and final exams are usually 10-25% of the overall grade At Otago, an A+ is 90-100% and a B is 70-74% At Linfield we dont have A+ and As are generally a 94% or higher and a 70-74% would be a C- At Otago, once lectures end students are given 5 days off before finals At Linfield we only have 3 reading days between the end of lectures and finals At Otago the exam period lasts for 3 weeks At Linfield exams only last for 4 or 5 days Culturally: Dunedin, New Zealand vs Portland/McMinnville, Oregon New Zealand: drivers seats are on the right side of the car and cars drive on the right side of the road United States: we drive on the left side of the road and drivers seats are on the left side ** I have been here a month and I still look the wrong way when I cross the road!** New Zealand: pedestrians do not have the right of way whatsoever. I have been in the road a few times and have heard cars speeding up as they neared me. Oregon: pedestrians always have the right of way once they step in the road New Zealand: as a driver, you must wait until the traffic light turns green before turning right Oregon: a driver can turn right on a red light New Zealand: all the cheeses are white, even the cheddar United States: cheddar cheese is yellow/orange ** I miss Tillamook cheese!!** New Zealand: they dont have pennies in New Zealand, but they sell things by the penny. To make up for this inconsistency, they round to the nearest 10th when buying something that is to the penny,. If I owe $50.67 I would actually pay $50.70. Oregon: we pay what the cash register reads New Zealand: New Zealanders love their National Rugby team, the All Blacks. The All Blacks are something that everyone in the country has in common and shares a love for. Almost every New Zealander cheers for the All Blacks. United States: In the States, we dont have a national team that everyone rallies for. We cheer against one another and usually show support for our local team, except for the Olympics! These are the differences I can think of right now. I know that I am forgetting some and I know there are some I havent realized so far. I will continue to post new ones!

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