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Journals from Rikkyo, Japan

2009-05-31 I Am...

I am... I am most definitely a person who thinks that no matter what I write here it will never truly explain who I am. To know and understand someone takes more than a few words and, in some instances, will extend as far as not needing words at all. First and foremost I am the type of person who values the happiness of those I love and who are closest to me. In order for me to help those loved ones strive towards happiness I must first do what I can to allow myself to be content and happy. Without ones own sound mind and body it is difficult to help others. I am a golfer, an artist, a cook, and a builder. I am a runner, a farmer, a student, and a brother. I live in Tokyo and have a beautiful girlfriend; she keeps me sane here. I long for home and the sound of the waves. Hawaii is home, by the way. I enjoy my time there and it is at its best when I can chill at the beach catching fish, or not catching fish, as the sun sets and the water is reminiscent of a mirror folding under a gentle breeze. Some people say I move slowly. Im not so sure. You see, I think people who say this just move too fast and they miss the rhythm and the beat dancing in the fluttering of the leaves, the buzzing of a fly, or the honk of a car horn. Have you ever tried to slow down and move to this rhythm? You notice things, like how others pay no attention to what is around them; you notice the look in someones face and wonder what kind of person they are and realize you cant just judge them by a look. You notice garbage strewn about the ground, bums sitting on the corner about whom no one seems to care, and if you're lucky youll see a cat jump out of the bushes and snatch a pigeon in the blink of an eye. I am a tired person when I do similar things every day for a long time, I think it`s nice to mix it up a little. I am a traveler and a dreamer; put them both together and we could be in for an adventure. I don`t like being restricted by the norms and sometimes search for ways to break out. Open space, vast mountains, and long beaches are all things that I respect and appreciate as they remind me that I am alive. I am a nature freak who has found the city. I am a man with goals of uncertainty. But most importantly, I am me.

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