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Journals from Spring Semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

2009-05-09 Saying Goodbye

Hey guys! Were in the Houston airport right now, and weve got two more hours of layover until our final flight to Portland. It feels very different to be in a place where everyone speaks English. None of us are used to it, and I still reflexively respond in Spanish, and all of us keep mixing little Spanish phrases into our English. Culture shock hasnt really set in yet, all Ive noticed is how nice everything is in the airport here. Unnecessarily nice. Its not that excessive, just surprising and different. We were definitely excited for the nicer bathrooms! No one is wearing the cubrebocas (facemasks) here, nor were many people in Oaxaca wearing them. In fact, I think more people were wearing las cubrebocas in Chiapas than in Oaxaca, even though it is even farther south of Mexico City. The situation with the Swine Flu has been improving in Mexico City, and in Oaxaca, things have continued to be calm. I remember that there were fewer people out over the weekend and a few stores were closed. Lots of people have been out over the past week and all of the stores have reopened. Most everyone is sad that were leaving, and we werent ready to say goodbye to friends we had made. The news of our recall shocked us, and I think we hadnt prepared ourselves to be leaving so soon. I think everyone wants to come back someday, and some of us might even be planning to go back over the summer including me!! This semester in Oaxaca was the best ever, and such an unforgettable experience. Thanks for reading, Marina

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